Displaying the Feature Builder scratch dataset layers

Adding the scratch dataset layers helps store the geometries created using feature builder functions. The scratch dataset can be displayed and added using the Add Scratch Data Layers tool.

  1. Start ArcMap.
  2. On the menu bar, click Customize > Toolbars > Production Feature Builder.
  3. Click the Launch Feature Builder button Launch Feature Builder on the Production Feature Builder toolbar.

    The Feature Builder window appears in ArcMap.

    The Feature Builder window
    The Feature Builder window


    The Feature Builder window can be placed anywhere in ArcMap, or in the TOC, with the aid of the arrows showing the possible placement positions.

  4. Click the Add Scratch Data Layers button Add scratch data layers at the top of the Feature Builder window.

The layers in the dataset are added to your table of contents if this is the first time you are adding scratch layers; any geometries in it are displayed on your map. If you already have scratch layers, a message will appear asking you if you intend to add another one.


If you changed the spatial reference of the scratch layers while they are added in the Table Of Contents window in an ArcMap session, you should remove the layers with the previous spatial reference and add the layers with the new one.