Importing selected features as one or more series

Another way to add series to a product class, besides using the New Series dialog box, is to base them on existing features from a feature class you have loaded into your table of contents. This process automates the creation of series, including individual products, instances, and areas of interest.

When you choose to create series this way, you need to decide the following:

  1. Start ArcMap.
  2. Select one or more features you want to include as products in your product library.
  3. If necessary, open the Product Library window by clicking Customize > Production > Product Library on the main menu.

    A tree view of the product library appears.

    Product library tree
  4. Right-click the product class to which you want to add a series and click Batch Import New Products.

    The Batch Import New Products dialog box appears.

  5. Type a name for the map or chart series or click the Series drop-down arrow and choose the field you want to use to determine the series' name.

    A series is created for each unique field value. It is recommended that a field with a value that is common for all the features you want to import is chosen for the series name. This can prevent you from unintentionally creating numerous series with only one or two maps or charts in them.

  6. Click the Product drop-down arrow and choose the field you want to use to determine each product's name.

    The field you choose needs to have values that are unique for each of the features you have selected. For example, if you are creating maps or charts based on state counties, the field that contains the county name could be used for the individual products.

  7. Uncheck the Copy feature class attributes to product library check box if you do not want the fields and attributes from the selected layer copied to the product library tables.

    This option is only enabled when the product library workspace is a personal or file geodatabase, or when you have administrator product library permissions in an ArcSDE geodatabase.

  8. If necessary, choose the Allow multiple instances per product option.

    The Product Instance drop-down list becomes available.

  9. Click the Product Instance drop-down arrow and choose the field you want to use to determine each instance's name.
  10. Click OK.

The series and products are created based on the features selected in your map or chart.