Geometry types created using feature builder

With some data, such as nautical and aeronautical data, features are created and maintained based on textual descriptions of points, lines, and area in a data specification. These descriptions define the locations of features based on distances in relation to observable features or significant points. The measurements for the features are geodesic and ellipsoid. For example, an airspace boundary around a given airport can be defined as a geodesic arc starting from a point at an azimuth of 335 degrees and a distance of 7 nautical miles from the last surveyed airport center point and extending clockwise to an azimuth of 125 degrees.

Due to the complexity of these features, it is necessary to create them in steps using several different geometry types that include the following:

Combined, these geometry types can be used to generate several features including loxodromes, airspace, geodesic arcs, and circles and other features necessary for aeronautical and nautical data.