Defining filter properties

Once you have defined a filter or filters, you can also modify or redefine the filter configurations you defined previously (that is, in the Filter by attributes properties, Filter By Location, or other filtering dialog boxes).

  1. Verify that you are in layout view if necessary.
  2. Right-click the graphic table element and click Properties.

    The Table Properties dialog box appears.

  3. If necessary, click the Data Source tab.

    The Data Source tab appears.

    Data Source tab
  4. Click the data source you want to use in the Data Source list on the Data Source tab.

    The chosen data source is highlighted, and the Filters button becomes available.

  5. Click Filters.

    The Data Filters dialog box appears.

    Data Filters dialog box with filters
  6. Right-click a row in the Filter area and click Properties.

    A dialog box appears, depending on the filter type you have selected.

  7. Modify or redefine the filter configurations you want to change.
  8. Click OK.

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