Clearing the service job status information

The Data Reviewer service job status is written to a service status file that continues for as long as the service is running. Each time the service starts, it can either append information to the existing log or start a new status log. Clearing the service job status creates a new service status log and archives the previous status to a backup log file. For example, if the service has been running for six months on a daily basis and you want to archive the status, clearing the service job status removes the records from the Status dialog box and creates a new service job status file.

Status dialog box
  1. If necessary, click Start > Programs > ArcGIS Data Reviewer 10.1 > GIS Data Reviewer Service Controller.
  2. Right-click the Data Reviewer Service Controller icon Data Reviewer Service Controller in the system tray and click Manage Service.

    The Reviewer Service Control dialog box appears.

    Reviewer Service Control dialog box with service started

  3. Click the Execute Custom Commands button Execute Custom Commands and click Clear Service Job Status.

    The list of summaries for each time the service job has run is cleared on the Status dialog box.

  4. Click the Close button Close.