Scenarios for validating metadata

With the Metadata check, there are several possible scenarios for validating metadata resources. They range from evaluating a metadata resource against an established metadata standard, to evaluating a metadata element's value to determine if it has been populated properly based on a predefined data type (such as calendar date, e-mail address, or ZIP code) or a specific value (such as an organization's point-of-contact name or position title). These scenarios can be summarized as follows:

Scenario 1: Evaluate a data source's metadata record to determine if it is compliant with a metadata standard

To ensure adherence to published metadata standards, you may find it helpful to validate your metadata content against the standard's metadata schema.

Scenario 2: Identify metadata element values that do not match predefined or custom expressions

To validate specific metadata element values, you may use either predefined or custom element expressions to ensure that metadata content is accurately entered.

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