Converting blank fields to null values

When data is imported into an SDSFIE 2.x-compliant database, there can be blank values for fields that are attached to coded value domains. These blank field values cause problems when attempting to validate the data, so they must have a null value. The SDSFIE Blank To Null tool populates these blank fields with null values. Once the null values have been populated for the appropriate fields, the features can then be edited and the correct domain values applied.

  1. Start ArcCatalog.
  2. On the main menu, click Customize > Toolbars > Defense Mapping.
  3. Choose the database that contains the blank values in the Catalog tree window.
  4. On the Defense Mapping toolbar, click Defense Mapping > SDSFIE Tools > SDSFIE Blank to Null.

A progress bar appears and displays the tool's progress until the process is complete.