Consolidating SDSFIE datasets

Data based on the Spatial Data Standard for Facilities, Infrastructure, and Environment (SDSFIE) 2.x data model are divided into a number of feature datasets that can create challenges when used in ArcGIS. For example, the use of feature datasets with different spatial references restricts a user's ability to create topologies between feature classes associated with different feature datasets. Additionally, the use of feature datasets can restrict an administrator's ability to assign database permissions when using ArcSDE technology.

The SDSFIE Feature Dataset Editor can consolidate feature classes so they are placed into datasets according to the projections they use. When the feature classes are included in a larger dataset, the original schema is saved in the SDSFIE_DATASETINFO table. This table lists the feature class and the name of the original dataset with which it was associated.

  1. Start ArcCatalog.
  2. On the main menu, click Customize > Toolbars > Defense Mapping.
  3. Choose the database to consolidate in the Catalog Tree window.
  4. On the Defense Mapping toolbar, click Defense Mapping > SDSFIE Tools > SDSFIE Feature Dataset Editor.

    The SDSFIE Feature Dataset Editor message box appears.

    SDSFIE Feature Dataset Editor

  5. Click Yes to continue.

The feature classes are grouped into datasets based on their current projections.