Uninstalling the Data Reviewer service

When the uninstall program is run for ArcGIS Data Reviewer, the Data Reviewer service is automatically uninstalled. To manually uninstall the Data Reviewer service, double-click the ReviewerServiceUninstaller.exe file in the <Data Reviewer install location>/Bin directory.

When the Data Reviewer service is uninstalled, its registry entry is removed. The user, directories, and files are still left on the machine.

  1. If necessary, right-click the Data Reviewer Service Controller icon Data Reviewer Service Controller in the system tray and click Exit.
  2. Browse to $\Program Files\Common Files\ArcGISDataReviewer\Desktop10.0\Bin\ReviewerServiceUninstaller.exe.
  3. Double-click the ReviewerServiceUninstaller.exe file.

The Data Reviewer service is uninstalled from your computer.


The uninstaller does a silent uninstall. You will not see any console or user interface when the uninstall program is run. However, it does create a log file in the standard Reviewer log file location.