Rotating the localizer when the Glideslope geometric effect is applied

The Glideslope geometric effect, along with an appropriate representation rule, allows you to customize the localizer feather while retaining the size, shape, scale, fill pattern, and line weight.

There are four default localizer feather symbols included with the Aeronautical Solution in the PLTS_ICAO style as representation rules: fill on the top half, fill on the bottom half, fill in the whole feather, and no fill.

Fill options for the localizer feather

To be able to use the localizer feather symbols, you need to have data that you want to symbolize as the localizer feather. You can apply the default symbology for the localizer feather provided in the PLTS_ICAO sample style.

Once you have customized the Glideslope geometric effect symbol, you can rotate the representation using the tools on the Representation toolbar.

  1. Start ArcMap.
  2. On the main menu, click Customize > Toolbars > Representation.
  3. On the main menu, click Customize > Toolbars > Aeronautical Editing.
  4. Click the Production Start Editing button Production Start Editing on the Aeronautical Editing toolbar.

    The Manage Features and Create Attributes, Update Attributes, or Metadata Attributes windows automatically appear when you start an edit session using the Production Start Editing tool.


    If the Create Attributes, Update Attributes, or Metadata Attributes window does not appear when you start an edit session, click the Show/Hide Attributes button Show/Hide Attributes on the Manage Features window.

  5. Click the Select tool Select Tool on the Representation toolbar.
  6. Click to select the localizer feather you want to modify.
    Example of a selected localizer feather
  7. Click the Representation Properties button Representation Properties on the Representation toolbar.

    The Representation Properties dialog box appears.

    Representation Properties dialog box
  8. Click the Rotate button Rotate Tool on the Representation toolbar.
  9. Click the Tools tab at the bottom of the Representation Properties dialog box.
  10. Uncheck the Angle and Grid angle check boxes.

    Unchecking these properties allows the feather symbol to be rotated without rotating the dots that make up the fill symbol in the localizer feather.

    Rotate operation in the Representation Properties dialog box
  11. Click and drag the mouse pointer in the ArcMap display to rotate the localizer feather.

The feather is rotated.

Example of a rotated feather