Map series scale and extent set up

The scale and extent options are used to set the scale and control the size of the data frame. The scale can be fixed (static) or dynamic (variable), and scale can be manually defined, read from a field in the area of interest (AOI) feature, or calculated to fit within the data frame. The extent controls the possible interactions between the size of the data frame and the extent of the AOI feature. Scale and extent are dependent on one another. A change in one can affect the other.

With MPS-Atlas you can choose to not change the scale and extent that have already been set for the data frame, or the scale can be set dynamically, fixed, or set based on a field value. The scale calculation takes into account any buffer and rotation angle options that have been set.

A fixed scale is static for all the map sheets in your map series. The extent of the data frame can either resize to the extent of the AOI at the set scale, or it can remain the same size. You can decide whether or not the data frame is resized.

One of the AOI feature class attributes can also be used to determine the scale of a map sheet. As with the other scaling options, you can maintain the data frame size or resize it accordingly.

Rounding the map scaleLeaving the scale extent as isSetting up a dynamic scaleUsing a fixed scaleSetting the scale based on a field