Chart leads

Chart leads are text elements that are placed along the chart extent of an aeronautical chart (usually an Enroute chart). Chart leads indicate the next significant point for line features continuing past the chart's extent. For example, when routes continue past the extent of a chart, chart leads can be placed along the edge of the chart that display the name of the next designated point or Navaid along a particular route. Two attributes store the text strings that are used to format the chart lead text. One attribute stores text for the "from" end of the line, and the other attribute stores the text for the "to" end of the line. For example, if the "from" point of the line continues past the chart extent, then the "from" attribute text string is used for the chart lead text. The text generated for the chart lead may require more complex formatting such as needing text tags or accessing information from related tables and/or feature classes. Should this be the case, visual specifications are used to populate the calculated text strings. You can also portray navaid information in the chart leads.


You need to add two text fields of 255-character length to accommodate the "from" end and "to" end information.

To see how this tool is used in a data information management and chart production environments, see the sample production tutorials that are available with the Aeronautical Solution setup.

This tool is only enabled in layout view in ArcMap.

Creating batch or selected chart leads

There are two processes used to create chart leads:

Orienting the chart lead text

There are four options for orienting the chart lead text in relation to the data frame:

Placing chart leads

Chart lead text is automatically placed where the line feature intersects the edge of the data frame. When multiple line features intersect the edge of the data frame at or near the same point, some manual positioning of the chart lead text is necessary. However, once the chart lead text is manually placed, the text does not move upon subsequent iterations of the tool. If a piece of chart lead text is deleted, and the text is created using visual specifications to create the calculated text string, the next time the chart leads tools are run, another piece of text is re-created.

Updating chart leads

You can update chart leads to reflect changes in the geodatabase by rerunning either the Batch Chart Leads tool or the Chart Leads tool. The existing chart lead text reflects the updates to the data, and new chart lead text is created as needed.