Creating, modifying, and deleting cartographic features using geoprocessing

The Carto Commander geoprocessing tool creates, modifies, and deletes cartographic features. Based on defined settings, the tool will do the following:

The difference between the tool on the Aeronautical Data Management toolbar and the geoprocessing tool is that the Carto Commander Results dialog box appears once the tool has completed only when the tool on the toolbar is used. You should use the tool on the toolbar if you want to view a summary of the cartographic feature class, master feature class, features to create, features created, and error count.


Aeronautical Solution geoprocessing tools only run in foreground mode.

  1. Start ArcMap or ArcCatalog.
  2. Click the ArcToolbox Window button ArcToolbox Window on the Standard toolbar.

    The ArcToolbox window appears.

  3. Expand the tree view next to Aeronautical Tools > Cartographic Production.
    Cartographic Production toolset
  4. Double-click the Carto Commander tool.

    The Carto Commander dialog box appears.

    Carto Commander dialog box

  5. Check the check boxes next to the instances you want to process in the Instances to process list.
  6. Check the check boxes next to the cartographic feature classes you want to process for each selected instance in the Input Carto Feature Class list.
  7. Click OK to begin processing.
  8. Click Close on the geoprocessing log file.

Cartographic features are created, modified, or deleted for the layers specified.