Feature display settings

Feature display settings cover two functional areas: definition query sets and masking sets. Definition query and masking sets allow you to alter the display of your data in production. You can save and reuse these sets across your enterprise.

Definition query sets

Definition queries are where clause expressions built in Structured Query Language (SQL). They select a subset of features from a feature layer. Definition queries limit the number and type of features displayed.

Production Mapping feature display settings allow you to configure groups of definition queries. You can apply these definition queries to the same feature layers across multiple map documents. You can also apply the definition queries to other feature layers if they have the fields referenced in the SQL expressions. You create and manage definition query sets on the Definition Queries tab on the Feature Display Settings dialog box.

Masking sets

Masking is a drawing technique used to hide parts of layers that are drawn underneath symbols, annotation, and other layers. Production Mapping masking sets define how one layer will mask other layers. For example, text associated with ATS Route features (route identifier and bearing text) block out the underlying ATS Route feature to improve legibility of the ATS Route text.

Masking sets are stored in a geodatabase table. This allows you to apply masking sets to multiple map documents. You create and manage masking sets on the Masking Settings tab on the Feature Display Settings dialog box.

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