Map document storage

Map document storage is used to specify how you want map sheets saved when you click Save or when you right-click the map sheet on the MPS Atlas window and click Save Map Sheet. Map sheets can either be saved as part of the current map document (one .mxd file), or as individual map documents (multiple .mxd files). When using the Build Map Series or Build Simple Map Series wizard, the storage option you choose on the Storage dialog box are applied to the entire map series. If you want to change it on a map sheet-by-map sheet basis, you must create your series first and then right-click a map sheet to access the Map Sheet Properties tab on the Map Sheet Properties dialog box, for each map sheet you want to change.

Map sheet properties can be set for a single map sheet or for a shared map in the map series when they are applied using the Map Sheet properties.

Choosing the map series storage settingChoosing the map sheet storage setting