Reviewer geometry versus feature geometry

Although there are many instances where Reviewer geometry and feature geometry can be the same shape, there are also cases in which they are different. Reviewer geometry can be a segment that is found using the Evaluate Polyline Length check. It can also be two vertices that are within a specified tolerance of one another, found using the Duplicate Vertex check.

The Reviewer geometry allows you to zoom right to the problem area rather than to the entire feature. When the Reviewer geometry is a subset of a feature or features, a graphic is generated to represent only that subset. For example, if you are using the Geometry on Geometry check to search for polygon feature classes that overlap one another, only the overlapping sections of the polygons are stored in the Reviewer table. This can be useful when there are large polygons with small overlap areas. In these instances, the Reviewer geometry can be selected, but not the feature geometry.

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