Creating a Reviewer session using geoprocessing

Before any quality assurance tasks take place in your organization, a Reviewer session can be created in a workspace so the data technicians can start the process of validating data.

For example, as an administrator, there may be a series of sessions you want to set up for the data technicians in your organization. In this case, you could use the Create Reviewer Session tool to create sessions for data extents or the types of validation you want to perform on the data.

Learn more about the Create Reviewer Session geoprocessing tool
  1. In ArcMap or ArcCatalog, click the ArcToolbox Window button ArcToolbox Window on the Standard toolbar.

    The ArcToolbox window appears.

  2. Browse to Data Reviewer Tools > Create Reviewer Session.
  3. Double-click the Create Reviewer Session script.

    The Create Reviewer Session dialog box appears.

    Create Reviewer Session dialog box
    Example of the Create Reviewer Session dialog box with the parameters populated
  4. Define the workspace in which you want to create the Reviewer session by doing one of the following:
    • Type the path to the workspace in which the Reviewer session is going to be created in the Reviewer Workspace text box.
    • Click the Browse button Browse next to the Reviewer Workspace parameter and navigate to the workspace you want to use.
  5. Type a name for the session in the Session Name text box.
  6. Click OK.

A new Reviewer session is created in the specified workspace.

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