What's new in ESRI Aeronautical Solution

With the 10 release, the PLTS for ArcGIS—Aeronautical Solution was renamed ESRI Aeronautical Solution. There are also several new applications as well as enhancements to functionality that was previously available.

New at 10.0 SP3

Service pack 3 includes new or changed functionality in the following areas:

Route processing simplifies and improves a product's cartographic appearance by reducing the number of visible routes.

The MSA element now allows you to specify more settings that control its appearance. These include Show Altitude Units, Show Center Symbol, Bearing Arrow Symbol, and several more.

The FAA FAR 77 geoprocessing tool has new runway types and additional parameters to help you model and control the creation of obstacle surfaces.

The Import AIXM to AIS tool has been enhanced with functionality to accommodate AIXM 4.5 Update messages. This allows the tool to compare the added, updated, or deleted features in the message to the existing AIXM 4.5 features in the database. Only the changed or deleted features are processed and the rest of the production data is left unaltered by the Import AIXM to AIS tool. After an update message is imported, the data can be exported using the Export AIS to AIXM tool and the data, including the changes, will be exported as a valid AIXM 4.5 message.

New at 10.0 SP2

Derived Geometry is a new geoprocessing tool that updates the AIXM null geometry with a polygon derived from other airspace features.

Model changes

There have been significant changes to the AIS data model to add further compatibility with the Aeronautical Information Exchange Model (AIXM) 4.5 data standard. A variety of changes have also been directed at adding AIXM 5.1 compatibility. The data model now includes the following new feature classes:

Importing and exporting Aeronautical Information Exchange Model (AIXM) 4.5 data

You can now import and export AIXM 4.5 data through workbenches used with the Feature Manipulation Engine tool from Safe Software.

New geoprocessing tools

Instrument approach chart profile view elements

The enhanced editing environment allows you to further customize the profile view using tools available on the Drawing toolbar. It now supports manual edits to a profile in addition to automated edits. There are also new tools on the Aeronautical Profile Edit toolbar:

Renamed tools for profile view elements include

Other enhancements to profile view elements include

Other new tools

Enhancements to existing tools

Integration of product library tree view

The Instances to Process pane has been added to the following tools to improve usability:

Other changes

Deprecated tools

The following functionality has been deprecated: