The AIS environment

There are two data model schemas used with the Aeronautical Solution:

These schemas are stored in configuration files with the extension .xml. The AIS_GX.xml is the aeronautical schema (parent feature classes). AISCharting_GX.xml is the aeronautical schema and the cartographic schema combined. The aeronautical cartographic model contains objects required for cartography. Both of these XMLs are applied to the geodatabase through the Import XML Workspace Document command in ArcCatalog. The difference between the AIS and AIS Charting schemas is the presence of cartographic feature classes (named with the suffix _C) in the AIS Charting schema. Cartographic feature classes contain attribution needed for cartography on a particular chart. A master feature may be associated with one or many cartographic features depending on how many charts the feature will appear on.

For GX schemas, only one schema is applied depending on the environment. A single geodatabase environment would only have AISCharting_GX.xml applied, while a two-geodatabase environment would have AIS_GX applied to the master geodatabase and the AISCharting_GX.xml applied to the charting geodatabase. An example of a two-database environment would be an organization that has a data steward group and a charting group. Geodatabase replication should then be used between these geodatabases to keep the master data synchronized.

Setting up the AIS entails the following procedures: