ReviewerConsole inputs

The inputs are the workspace, session, batch job, and XML information that can be specified for an action.



Configuration notes


A Data Reviewer service job configuration XML file

This file can be used in lieu of specifying the /rbj:, /wks:, and /session: parameters, if you have a service configuration job available.


The geodatabase that contains the Reviewer session and administrative tables

The value for this parameter is one of the following:

  • The location of a file geodatabase
  • The location of a personal geodatabase
  • The name of a Spatial Database Engine (SDE) connection file

    If no path component is specified, the connection file is assumed to be in standard $\Documents and Settings\[user name]\Application Data\ESRI\Desktop10.0\ArcCatalog folder.

  • The name of a server connection file, such as myserver.gds

    The name of the database and version, if other than dbo.Default, must also be specified as follows: Myserver.gds\Database\dbo.<Version>.


The name of the Reviewer session that records the batch job results

The session name needs to be placed in quotes if it contains spaces.


The numeric identifier for a Reviewer session.

You can input one or more session ids. /sessionid:1 or /sessionid:1,2,3,4


A list of one or more batch job files that will be processed

The value for this parameter is the path to the batch job file and the batch job file name. Multiple batch jobs must be comma separated. If the file name or path contains spaces, it must be placed in quotes.


This executes the specified Reviewer service job. The workspace, session, and batch jobs specified in the job configuration are used in lieu of providing the /rbj:, /wks:, and /session: parameters individually in conjunction with the /exec action.

This parameter causes the program to ignore any schedule information specified in the service job file.


The geodatabase workspace that is going to be validated by the batch jobs.

If this parameter is not defined, the batch jobs are used to validate the workspaces referenced in the batch jobs.


The geodatabase workspace version.

This is used in conjunction with /create and /session to associate an SDE version with the new session. It can also be used in conjunction with the /pd: parameter to specify the version of the production database that is going to be validated with the batch jobs.

The version name must be in quotes if it contains spaces; for example, "Test Data".


The geodatabase workspace that has the product library that contains the batch jobs to run.


The name of the product class in the product library that has batch jobs associated with it.


The type associated with the batch jobs you want to run. You can run Attribute, Spatial, or Reviewer batch jobs.

  • Attribute—This type of batch job contains checks that can be run through the Feature Manager, either in batch from context menu on the Create or Update tabs or once attributes are edited and applied to a single feature.
  • Spatial—This type of batch job contains checks that can be run using the Validate Current Selection or Validate Current Extent tool.
  • Reviewer—This type of batch job contains checks that can be run using various tools in a Reviewer session.

If you list batch jobs to run, they must all have the same type associated with them.

ReviewerConsole parameters

Specifying workspaces with the /wks: option

The /wks: option is used to specify the workspace that contains the Reviewer administration tables that store, for example, sessions and check errors. It is also used to specify workspaces in which Reviewer administration tables can be created or deleted. Any of the supported geodatabase workspace types can be specified as follows:

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