Editing the aeronautical scale bar

The aeronautical scale bar can be edited using the Size and Position and the Scale and Divisions tabs on the Aeronautical Scale Bar Properties dialog box. Scale, place-names, orientation, and the panel letter, as well as other properties, can be defined and edited.

  1. Start ArcMap.
  2. On the main menu, click View > Layout View.
  3. Right-click the aeronautical scale bar and click Properties.

    The Aeronautical Scale Bar Properties dialog box appears.

    Customizable properties for the standard scale bar


    A number displays on the dialog box to identify specific scale bars if multiple scale bars are present in the document.

  4. Click the Scale and Divisions tab.
  5. If necessary, type a new value in the Scale text box.
  6. Type a value in the Division Value text box.

    This value represents the frequency of divisions.

  7. Choose an option in the orientation area.

    You can choose Top or Bottom.

  8. Type the starting place-name on the chart in the Placename A text box.
  9. Type the ending place-name on the chart in the Placename B text box.
  10. Click the Letter Position drop-down arrow and choose a different letter position.
  11. Click the Size and Position tab.
  12. Modify the size and position information as necessary.

    You can also resize the element in the page layout.

  13. Click the Area tab.
  14. Modify the area information as necessary.
  15. Click OK when you are finished editing.

    The element can also be edited in the page layout; however, only the number of divisions and the height of the divisions can be edited. The text and other properties cannot change from the specification.