Batch masking

The Batch Masking tool and Masking Rule Manager work together to provide a system for the batch creation of masks. You can create rules that can then be used with the Batch Masking tool to create masks based on the information in those rules. This process reduces the work that would be involved in manually creating masks by streamlining the process of deleting old masks, creating new ones, and placing them into the appropriate feature classes.

To see how this tool is used in a data information management and chart production environments, see the sample production tutorials that are available with the Aeronautical Solution setup.

Managing masking rules

The Batch Masking tool Batch Masking relies on masking rules as input parameters. Each of these rules contains the information necessary to create one particular type of mask for one specific feature layer. When a new row is added for a new rule, exclamation points appear in the required fields. However, it is recommended that all the fields be filled out.

The Create/Modify tab on the Masking Rule Manager dialog box

The fields of a masking rule are the following: