Incomplete composite templates

Composite templates are a collection of feature templates. These feature templates can come from multiple layers. If a composite template is created from multiple layers and one of those layers is not present or visible in the table of contents, the composite template is displayed as an incomplete composite template. Incomplete composite templates appear with a symbol to indicate they cannot be used to create features.

Example of an incomplete composite template
Incomplete composite templates are displayed with a red symbol to indicate there is a problem. These templates cannot be used to create features, and the construction tools are not available.
Example of a complete composite template
Complete composite templates appear with the specified symbol. The construction tools are available for complete templates, and you can use them to create features.

Composite templates must have all the layers available before you can create features with them. To fix an incomplete composite template, use the Composite Template Properties dialog box to identify the layers that are missing from the composite template, then choose the best method for fixing the template.

There may be situations in which you cannot fix the incomplete composite template. In these situations, you can disable the incomplete composite templates so they are not displayed on the Create tab on the Manage Features window.

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