Aeronautical feature-linked annotation

The Create Feature-Linked Annotation tool creates annotation for features for a specific product if it does not already have annotation. During the annotation creation process, this tool also deletes new pieces of annotation that have no label or whose text element is null.

Existing pieces of annotation that are invalid are deleted using this tool.

This tool is enabled in ArcMap when you are not in an edit session. A feature-linked annotation layer will only be displayed in the annotation layer list if its source feature class is loaded in the table of contents.

This tool can also be run as a geoprocessing tool.

To see how this tool is used in a data information management and chart production environments, see the sample production tutorials that are available with the Aeronautical Solution setup.

Viewing statistics on the annotation

After the annotation has been created, the Create Feature-Linked Annotation dialog box appears and displays information about the annotation that has been generated or deleted.

Results from the Create Feature-Linked Annotation tool
Results from the Create Feature-Linked Annotation tool

The fields in the dialog box include the following: