Creating chart leads for selected features

The Chart Leads tool creates chart leads for selected features intersecting the map's edge. Before the tool is run, the chart leads properties must be configured.

  1. Start ArcMap.
  2. Configure the chart leads properties if you have not done so already.
  3. Ensure that your chart's data frame is set to the appropriate instance by right-clicking the data frame, selecting Properties, and clicking the Product Library tab.
    Data Frame Properties dialog box

    The data frame's coordinate system must match the product AOI extent's coordinate system in the product library.

  4. Select the line features for which to create chart leads.

    Modify the selectable layers if necessary.

  5. On the main menu, click View > Layout View.
  6. On the main menu, click Customize > Toolbars > Aeronautical Layout.
  7. Click the Chart Leads button Chart Leads on the Aeronautical Layout toolbar.

Chart leads are created for the selected line features.