Applying a definition query set to your data

Once you have created definition query sets, you can apply them to data in different charts.

  1. Start ArcMap.
  2. On the main menu, click Customize > Toolbars > Customize.

    The Customize dialog box appears.

  3. Click the Commands tab. In the Categories list, choose Production Cartography.
  4. In the Commands list, choose Feature Display Settings.
  5. Drag the Feature Display Settings command onto any toolbar.
  6. Click the Feature Display Settings button Feature Display Settings.

    The Feature Display Settings dialog box appears.

    Feature Display Settings dialog box
  7. If necessary, click the Definition Queries tab.
  8. Click the DefQuery Sets drop-down arrow and choose the definition query set you want to apply to the layers in your map.
  9. Click Load.

    Once the query set has loaded, layers in the Feature Layers list change color from black to blue if their feature layer definition query will be updated.

  10. Click Apply.

    A message appears indicating that query definition conditions have been applied to feature layers in the map.

    Applying query definition message
  11. Click OK.
  12. Click the Close button Close to close the Feature Display Settings dialog box.

    When you apply a definition query, the definition query becomes part of the feature layer's properties. You must save the MXD to retain the changes made to the definition queries.

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