Toggling Reviewer table column visibility

The Reviewer table contains several columns that provide information on the records such as the feature class and review date. The table also contains columns for correction and verification tracking that provide the date, technician name, and status of the record.

If you are using the Reviewer table for initial data validation, you may not want to see the correction and verification columns. You can toggle column visibility on the Fields tab on the Reviewer Table Properties dialog box. This allows you to only show columns in the Reviewer table that are relevant to your current task.

  1. Start ArcMap.
  2. On the main menu, click Customize > Toolbars > Data Reviewer.
  3. Start a Reviewer session.
  4. Click the Reviewer Table button Reviewer Table on the Data Reviewer toolbar.
  5. Click the Reviewer Table Property Page button Reviewer Table Properties on the Reviewer table.

    The Reviewer Table Properties dialog box appears.

    Properties tab

  6. Click the Fields tab.

    Fields tab

  7. Uncheck the check boxes in the Visible column for each field you want to hide in the Reviewer table.

    You can also click Select All and Clear All to check or uncheck, respectively, the check box in the Visible column for all the fields.

  8. Click OK when you are finished.

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