Defining coordinates for functions using the Pinprick tool

You can also define coordinates using the Pinprick tool, which allows you to click anywhere on the map display and retrieve the coordinates of that location. The coordinates are also specified based on the coordinate display format you are using.


The Pinprick tool works even when no layers are loaded in the current map.

  1. Start ArcMap.
  2. On the menu bar, click Customize > Toolbars > Production Feature Builder.
  3. Click the Launch Feature Builder button Launch Feature Builder on the Production Feature Builder toolbar.

    The Feature Builder window appears in ArcMap.

    The Feature Builder window
    The Feature Builder window


    The Feature Builder window can be placed anywhere in ArcMap, or in the TOC, with the aid of the arrows showing the possible placement positions.

  4. Choose a row in the grid on the Input tab by clicking the row header cell.
  5. Click the Pinprick button Pinprick on the Production Feature Builder toolbar.

    The mouse pointer changes to a crosshair.

  6. Select a point feature by clicking and dragging a selection box, or click anywhere on the map display to copy coordinates to the coordinates grid on the Input tab.

    Coordinates for the point appears in the Latitude and Longitude columns in the Input tab for the Coordinates area.