Enabling and disabling dynamic updates for X,Y coordinates and geometries

The Toggle Automatic Update XY tool allows you to enable or disable the dynamic updates of x- and y-coordinates or geometry. This will synchronize geometry and coordinate attribute edits for point feature classes and is meant to be used within existing data editing or creation workflows. When this functionality is enabled, you can move a point, and the attributes are updated to match the new location; if you edit an attribute value, the geometry is moved to the new location.

You can also disable this functionality so that any edits made to a feature class listed in the tool settings will not be automatically synchronized. This means if you move a point, the attributes are not updated, or if you edit an attribute value, the geometry is not moved.

The tool uses the spatial reference and units of the feature class when making the attribute or geometry updates and stores all coordinates in decimal degrees. The functionality only works when edits are made inside an edit session.

You need to define the settings to define which feature classes will be affected and the field in each feature class to be updated for x and y before you can use this functionality. Once the settings are defined, the functionality can be toggled on or off

  1. Start ArcMap.
  2. Define the settings to update XY coordinates or geometry dynamically.
  3. On the main menu, click Customize > Toolbars > Aeronautical Editing.
  4. Click the Toggle Automatic Update XY button Toggle Automatic Update XY on the Aeronautical Editing toolbar to enable or disable dynamic x,y updates.

The button will have an orange background if the functionality is enabled and a gray background if the functionality is disabled.