Validating data with batch jobs using the ReviewerConsole

The ReviewerConsole program is a command line executable that can be used to run or analyze Data Reviewer batch jobs. In addition, it provides capabilities that allow you to modify Reviewer administration tables and sessions and perform some miscellaneous functions such as merging multiple batch jobs into a single batch job and listing the contents of a batch job.

Using the ReviewerConsole, you can validate data using a batch job outside ArcMap. The program runs the batch job against the workspaces defined in the batch job, and the results are written to the session in the Reviewer workspace specified.

To run a batch job, you need to indicate a Reviewer workspace, the session that is going to store the results, and the path to the batch job. The pattern for this is the following:

ReviewerConsole /wks:<path to workspace> /session:<session name> /rbj:<path to the batch job> /exec

In this case, you are going to execute the TestGeoOnGeo.rbj batch job using the SoCalwErrors.mdb Reviewer workspace and write any error records into the Session 9 Reviewer session. It is assumed that the workspace connection information within the batch job is current.

ReviewerConsole.exe /wks:"C:\Data\SoCalwErrors.mdb" /session:"Session 9" /rbj:"C:\Data\Testing\
TestGeoOnGeo.rbj" /exec

The default checks are not run if the batch job you run on the data only includes database validation checks (Connectivity Rules, Domain, Relationships, or Subtype) or table checks (Execute SQL, Regular Expression, Table to Table Attribute, or Unique ID). This is because the default checks validate spatial conditions and do not include attribute validation.

  1. Open the Command Prompt window.
  2. Type the path to the ReviewerConsole.exe file at the prompt.

    This executable file can usually be found in $\Program Files\Common Files\ArcGISDataReviewer\Desktop10.0\Bin for a stand-alone Data Reviewer installation or $\Program Files\Common Files\ESRIProductionMapping\Desktop10.0\Bin for a Production Mapping installation.

  3. Type the following, replacing the text within brackets with values that apply to your data:

    ReviewerConsole /wks:<path to workspace> /session:<session name> /rbj:<path to the batch job> /exec

  4. Press ENTER.

    The batch job is run on the workspace, and the results are written to the session specified.

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