Methods for dividing routes for straight line diagrams

When creating a straight line diagram, you have the option to divide individual route features into multiple diagrams. For instance, you may want to divide long routes into multiple diagrams to ensure that you can view the events in sufficient detail. When you choose to divide routes, you have two options:

When you choose to divide routes, you should consider the purpose of the straight line diagrams. When you divide a route, you may also need to divide the events that span the locations where the route is divided. Because the events may also be divided, when you choose to create a straight line diagram, the wizard also creates a copy of the events used in the straight line diagram. This means that if you edit the events in the straight line diagram when the routes are divided, you are not editing the events in the original geometry view. When editing a straight line diagram that does not contain divided routes, the same events are used for both the straight line diagram and geometric view, so one edit adjusts the event in both views.