Adding a table field

Although a data source is not a prerequisite for defining table fields, when a data source is available, table fields can be automatically created and mapped to the corresponding data source fields.

  1. Verify that you are in layout view if necessary.
  2. Right-click the graphic table element and click Properties.

    The Table Properties dialog box appears.

  3. If necessary, click the Table Fields tab.

    The Table Fields tab appears.

    Table Fields tab
  4. Click the Add Field button.

    You can also right-click the empty white space and choose Add New Field.

    A new line is added to the Table Fields dialog box.

    Example of a new field
  5. Double-click New Field under the Name column and type a name for the field.
  6. Double-click New Field under the Alias column to give the field a different alias name.
  7. Click the cell under the Type column and click the drop-down arrow that appears.
  8. Click String or Symbol to set the field as a string or symbol.
  9. Click OK.