The ReviewerConsole command

The ReviewerConsole command is a command line executable that can be used to run or analyze Data Reviewer batch jobs. In addition, it provides capabilities that allow you to modify Reviewer administration tables and sessions and perform some miscellaneous functions such as merging multiple batch jobs into a single batch job and listing the contents of a batch job.

As a command line executable, the ReviewerConsole command can be scripted (for instance, in a Python or Windows shell script) and run as a batch program. It allows a subset of Reviewer capabilities to be accessed outside the desktop version of Data Reviewer, which is available in ArcMap. When executing batch jobs, the results are written to the specified Reviewer session tables the same as if the batch job were being run using the Reviewer Batch Validate tool and can be viewed in the Reviewer table in ArcMap the same as any other error records generated by batch job execution.

The parameters for the ReviewerConsole command are divided into two groups: actions and inputs. The actions are tasks that can be performed using the program. The inputs are the workspace, session, batch job, and Extensible Markup Language (XML) information that can be specified for an action.

The basic format for running the ReviewerConsole command is the following:

ReviewerConsole.exe [input] [action]

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