Creating a field configuration table for a product class version

On the Class Properties dialog box, the Field Configuration pane provides a way for you to define field configurations for the data model associated with the product class. The Field Configuration pane is used to define various attribute properties such as how attributes will be displayed in the Feature Manager, which attributes are feature-level metadata, and how fields are managed when features are dissolved using the Production Dissolve tool. When building the field configuration for Feature Manager, you can choose how a field will appear—whether bold, normal, unavailable, or hidden—what type of control will be used to edit the field, and if additional help will be displayed for the field to help users understand how to populate the field. If you plan to use the Production Dissolve tool, which allows you to selectively merge features based on attributes, you specify what fields must match for the dissolve to occur and how to handle the values in the other fields. You can use the Edit Shared Fields dialog box to specify that a field will be considered feature-level metadata, what events will populated the field—create or modify—and if the field will be populated with the data or user name.


This can only be done on the Class Properties dialog box, not the New Class dialog box. If the Field Configuration pane is disabled, you need to define tables and feature classes on the Definition pane and apply them by clicking OK to close the New Class or Class Properties dialog box.

Field Configuration pane with options disabled
  1. Start ArcMap.
  2. If necessary, right-click the product class and click Properties.

    The Class Properties dialog box appears.

  3. Click Field Configuration on the left side of the Class Properties dialog box.

    The Field Configuration pane appears.

    If field configurations already exist and additional feature classes or tables have been added to the model in the Definition pane, but no field configurations have been created for them, they appear in the Current Fields Configuration Table area.

  4. Click Create Configuration.

    The Creating Field Configurations window appears with a progress bar, and when it is finished, the Current Fields Configuration Table area changes.

    Current Fields Configuration Table area with Tables to Edit enabled
  5. Click Tables to Edit.

    The Choose Product Class Tables to Edit dialog box appears with a list of feature classes and tables in the data model.

    Choose Product Class Tables to Edit dialog box
  6. Check the check boxes next to the feature classes and tables whose configurations you want to edit in the Choose Table(s) to Edit list.

    You can right-click in the list and click Select All or Clear All to check or uncheck all the check boxes, respectively. You can also right-click in the list and choose Expand All or Collapse All to display or hide all the subtypes within the feature classes.

  7. Click OK.

    The Field Configuration pane appears with the selected feature classes and tables in the Current Fields Configuration Table list.

    Example of tables added to the Field Configuration pane
  8. Set up the configurations.
  9. Click OK.