Setting up the fixed buffer

The buffer represents a space around a particular feature in spatial or linear units. For your map series, you can choose to configure your own buffer.

  1. Start ArcMap.
  2. On the main menu, click Customize > Toolbars > MPS Atlas.
  3. Click the Show Data Frame Manager Properties button Show Data Frame Manager Properties on the MPS Atlas toolbar.

    The Data Frame Managers dialog box appears.

    Data Frame Manager dialog box
  4. Click to choose a data frame manager.
  5. Click Properties.

    The Data Frame Manager Properties dialog box appears.

  6. Click the Buffer tab.
  7. Click the Fixed Buffer option.
    Buffer tab
  8. Type a numeric value in the Distance text box.

    This is the value that will be associated with the buffer for each AOI feature.

  9. Click the Map Units or Page Units option.
    • If you choose Map Units, the buffer is calculated based on map units within the data frame, and the size of the buffer in page units will change based on the scale. For example, a 100-kilometer distance can be maintained in map units between the edge of your AOI feature and the edge of the data frame.
    • If you choose Page Units, the units create a buffer around your AOI in page units. Setting the buffer in page units will retain the same buffer distance in page units regardless of scale. For example, a page distance of 1 centimeter between the edge of your AOI and the edge of the data frame can be maintained.
  10. Click the drop-down arrow for the units you have chosen and choose the unit of measurement you want to use in association with the distance designated above.
  11. Click OK.