Setting up a feature layer definition query

For your map series, you can choose whether or not to use a definition query.

The feature layer definition query allows you to set up a dynamic query on any of the layers in the table of contents. The definition query is used to match an attribute value in the layer with an attribute value in the area of interest (AOI) feature class. If the two match, it limits what is shown in the data frame to only those with that attribute.

The query can be set for the AOI feature class itself so that only the AOI feature, and nothing outside it, is shown. For example, if you are making maps of states within the United States and you only want to show the current state, you could set your query to be STATE_NAME = STATE_NAME, and only the selected state will appear in the map. If you select the state of California, for example, and look at the definition query, it will say STATE_NAME = 'California', and this will be the only state you see. Likewise, if you only want to see cities that fall in the current state, you would need an attribute on your cities data that contained STATE_NAME, and this could be used for a dynamic definition query for cities as well.

  1. Click Feature Layer Definition Query in the Feature Layer Definition Query list.
  2. In the Feature Layers area, check the check boxes next to the layers you want to participate in the definition query.
  3. Click the Feature Layer Field Name drop-down arrow and choose a field name from the feature layer.
  4. Click the Map Sheet Field Name drop-down arrow and choose a field.

    This is the field from the AOI data source feature class that will be used to determine values for the current map sheet.

  5. Click Finish.