Selecting layer features using attributes

One way of analyzing data can be to browse through a particular layer for all the features that share the same attributes. For instance, you may want to browse all the roads that have been created by the same user or share the same name. The Review Attributes tool allows you to select features that are in a layer in the table of contents, then filter them based on unique values for a specified attribute.

This tool allows you to choose a feature layer, then indicate a field whose values you can use to filter.


Although the gfid attribute is a text field, it is not listed on the Review Attributes dialog box.

Island areas selected from the CoastA feature class
Island areas selected from the CoastA feature class

Once you choose the unique attribute value on which you want to filter the features, all the features that share the value are selected in the map. The map also zooms out to the extent of all the selected features. For instance, you could choose the subtype that corresponds to island areas in the CoastA feature class. This allows you to then browse all the islands that are currently in the map.

If you have a Reviewer session started, you can also use this tool to visually inspect data and commit features to the Reviewer table as needed.

Learn more about committing features to the Reviewer table

  1. Start ArcMap.
  2. If necessary, load data in the map.
  3. On the main menu, click Customize > Toolbars > Data Reviewer.
  4. On the Data Reviewer toolbar, click Data Reviewer > Review Attributes.

    The Review Attributes dialog box appears.

    Review Attributes

  5. Click the Layer drop-down arrow and choose the feature layer from which you want to select features.
  6. Click the Field drop-down arrow and choose a field.

    All the unique values for the field appear in the Unique value area.

  7. Choose a unique value in the Unique value list.
  8. Click Select.

    The map scale changes to show all the features in the feature class that contain the value you have chosen. The number of features that contain the value appears in the of field in the Browse Selected Features area.

  9. Choose the Zoom to feature option if you want the map to zoom to each individual feature, or you can choose the Pan to feature option to pan to features.
  10. Click the arrow buttons to navigate the records and zoom to the individual features.

    If you have started a Reviewer session, you can click the Commit To Reviewer Table button Commit to Reviewer Table on the Review Attributes dialog box to commit a feature as a record in the Reviewer table. You can also write all the features to the Reviewer table by clicking Write All.

  11. Click Close to close the Review Attributes dialog box.