What's new in cartography for ESRI Production Mapping

With this latest release, several new enhancements have been included and major bugs have been addressed. One of the major changes is that MPS-Atlas will no longer be available as a separate product, but its capabilities are included in ESRI Production Mapping. Also, the product library has been enhanced to better support cartographic functionality. The Elements tab has been enhanced and renamed to the Layout window to provide centralized page layout and element management. Some of the Grid Manager tools that were previously available in MPS-Atlas are now part of ArcGIS. The Grid and Graticule Designer, used to create the grid XMLs, is available only within ESRI Production Mapping. Several new geoprocessing and layout tools have also been added.


In the current release, MPS-Atlas functionality is available within ESRI Production Mapping. There is no additional functionality in MPS-Atlas. However, the following changes have been made to some of the user interfaces:

Product library

Several enhancements have been made to the product library to better support cartography and map production:

Grids and graticules

PLTS Grid Manager is now part of ArcGIS in the form of Grids and Graticules Layers geoprocessing tools. Additional grid management tools are available within ESRI Production Mapping and have been enhanced to better meet user needs.

The Grids and Graticules Designer

Cartographic data creation

Additional cartographic data creation tools are available within ESRI Production Mapping.


Page layout and elements

Other changes to cartography

The following functionality has been deprecated at the current release of ArcGIS 10: