Returning map series and map sheet counts

When returning map series and map sheet counts, leaving the option blank returns counts of all map documents, map series and maps sheets, the same result as using the "all" option, as in the following example:

 Atlas /count: /mxd:"C:\Documents and Settings\Test\Desktop\Doc70.mxd"

In addition, when leaving the option blank to return the count of all map documents, series and map sheets, the colon after /count is optional.

  1. Run the command prompt by doing the following:
    1. Click the Start button, then click Run.
    2. Type cmd in the Open text box.
  2. Change the prompt to the location where the Atlas command is located:
    cd C:\Program Files\ESRIProductionMapping\Desktop10.0\Bin
  3. Type Atlas count:all /mxd:"map document path".

    The map document path is the local path to the map document that contains the series and map sheet quantities you want to see.

    For example:

    Atlas /count:all /mxd:"C:\Documents and Settings\Test\Desktop\Doc70.mxd"
  4. Press Enter.