What's new in ArcGIS Data Reviewer at 10.0

With this version of Data Reviewer, there are several new tools and enhancements to the software including changes to the toolbar and user interfaces.

New at 10.0 SP1

Several enhancements have been introduced at service pack 1:

Toolbar changes

The Data Reviewer toolbar now contains a menu with data analysis tools. The icons have also been updated for all the tools and commands on the toolbar.

The Data Reviewer toolbar in ArcMap

New checks

The following checks have been added at this release:


The Write To Reviewer Table tool allows you to write the output of other geoprocessing tools to the Reviewer table. The output of the tool must be a table, feature class, or feature layer. This tool can be included as part of a model, with the output of the process written to the Reviewer table for further analysis.

General enhancements

Other changes

At version 10, the following functionality has been replaced or removed in favor of other functionality: