Data Reviewer custom steps and tokens

The Data Reviewer custom steps and tokens can be used to automate selected Data Reviewer functions as part of a workflow. These steps and tokens allow you to create a Reviewer session for your job, run Reviewer batch jobs directly from a workflow, and automatically start the job's Reviewer session when ArcMap is started.

Example of a Workflow Manager workflow that uses the Data Reviewer custom steps and tokens

The Data Reviewer custom steps

The Data Reviewer custom steps are included in the Production Mapping steps library. The steps, a basic description, and return codes are outlined in the table below.

See Creating step types for general information on configuring step types.

Step name

Prog ID


Return codes

Create Reviewer Session


Creates a Reviewer session and associates it with the job

  • 0—Successful
  • -1—Failed

Run Reviewer Batch Job


Executes a Reviewer batch job

  • 0—Batch job executed successfully and no errors were returned
  • 1—Batch job executed successfully and errors were written to the Reviewer session
  • 2—Batch job failed to execute or encountered processing errors

Launch ArcMap with Start Reviewer Session Command


Argument: /guid:WMXReviewer.StartSession

Starts ArcMap and starts the Reviewer session associated with the job

The Data Reviewer tokens

An additional token is available when working with the Data Reviewer custom steps.

See the Using tokens topic for general information on working with tokens.




Example input

Example output

Prog ID



Reviewer session ID for the session(s) associated with the job