An overview of the Workflow Manager toolbox

The Workflow Manager toolbox provides tools that allow you to get job-specific information that can be used for other data processing and also provides tools for working with distributed Workflow Manager repositories. With the tools in this toolbox, you can retrieve job version, job's data workspace, replicate/synchronize Workflow Manager repositories, and get job area of interest.



Clear Job Replication Information

Deletes the replication information on a parent. The tool sends a web service call to the child and the cluster information is cleared from the Workflow Manager repository.

Export Job Data

Export the geodatabase repository to a folder location. The tool can be executed to create a disconnected replica of the workflow manager repository.

Get Job AOI

Get the job's area of interest layer as a feature layer and use for further analysis in your geoprocessing tools/models.

Get Job Data Workspace

Get the job's data workspace connection as an SDE connection file to use for further data processing.

Get Job Parent Version

Get the job's parent version as an SDE connection file to use for posting edits in a geoprocessing model to the proper parent version.

Get Job Version

Get the current job's version as an SDE connection file to process data in a version.

Import Job Data

Import an existing workflow manager repository into another repository. This is most useful when doing disconnected repository replication.

Post Job Version

Post edits to the parent version of the job via a geoprocessing tool.

Replicate Job Data

Replicate workflow manager repositories from one server to other servers to distribute identical contents across multiple geographic locations.

Synchronize Job Data

Synchronize workflow manager repositories with identical configurations and jobs.

Tools in the Workflow Manager toolbox

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