Using ( is a key Web site for implementing and using Web GIS.

It is a Web site for browser users to share, discover, and use maps and geographic information as part of a larger community of ArcGIS users. It is also the Web site that hosts a comprehensive set of map and GIS services from Esri and many ArcGIS users.

You can use to publish and share information with Web users.

Key tasks for ArcGIS Desktop users include the following:

Managing your content at

You can upload and share your GIS maps and other content at Each desktop user can have a workspace into which you can upload your contents. You can also create and join groups of other desktop users with common interests. You can use these groups to share your ArcGIS maps and information, and you can reference your map and GIS services that others can discover and use.

Sharing starts with loading your content into

Loading a layer package into ArcGIS online
ArcGIS Desktop users can load layer and map packages, toolboxes, and add-ins into for sharing with other desktop users. ArcGIS users can also reference map services and Web maps and Web services at for sharing as well. Map and GIS services can be searched for and added to Web GIS maps and applications, which is a key way that ArcGIS Desktop users deploy their GIS data to others.

Creating and joining groups

You can define small communities for sharing and collaboration at You can choose with whom to share the content that you load into item by item. Each item can be shared within a single group or with everyone.

Creating and joining groups at

Creating and sharing GIS Web maps and apps includes an interface in which you can create your own map. You use this to create your own Web maps at (using an ArcGIS Web map). You can share your GIS Web map with any other user, who can open and use it in any client.

Creating a Web map at

Clients that can connect to and work with

Users do not need to install any software to use They can connect using their Web browser or mobile phone and start using ArcGIS.

There is a series of ArcGIS Web apps that you can use:

Developer APIs are also available for customizing and extending these ArcGIS Web clients.

Searching for GIS content and services

You can also search at to find GIS content that you can use in your work.

Search at

Esri content at

Esri publishes and shares a number of key maps and datasets at

Search for Esri Maps and Data.

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