Adding a WFS service to ArcMap

ArcGIS Desktop allows you to directly use Web Feature Service (WFS) services as data sources for map layers. Each WFS service may contain multiple data sources. In these cases, each data source will be added as a separate map layer in ArcMap.

Once you have added a WFS service as a map layer, you can work with it in the same way that you work with other feature layers, such as changing map display properties, identifying and querying features, and so on.


To use WFS and GML content in ArcGIS Desktop, you need to install the Data Interoperability extension and add an Interoperability Connection to the WFS service. See How to work with WFS using ArcGIS Desktop.

  1. In ArcMap, click the Add data button Add Data to add a new map layer.
  2. Click the Look in drop-down menu and click Interoperability Connections.
  3. Choose a WFS service from your list of WFS connections to add the service's contents as a feature layer.

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