Using the tree view

The Catalog window provides an integrated and unified tree view of all the data files, databases, and ArcGIS documents available to you. The main menu of the Catalog window has tools for navigating to common locations such as your map's Home folder and the default geodatabase.

Navigating the tree view in the Catalog Window
Use the Catalog window menu to navigate between various workspace folders, your Home folder, and the default geodatabase.

The primary catalog view underneath the button menu provides a tree view of your GIS contents and is used to navigate and highlight items in the tree. When you highlight items, the contents panel underneath shows you information and details about the selected item.

The Catalog window in ArcMap, ArcGlobe, and ArcScene

You right-click selected items to get their shortcut menus.

Nodes in the tree view

In the Catalog window, you will see a series of high-level nodes in the tree view. These are used to establish connections to a number of workspace folders, geodatabases, toolboxes, GIS servers, and other resources:

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Published 6/7/2010