Converting features into graphics

  1. Right-click the layer in the table of contents that you want to convert to graphics and click Convert Features To Graphics.
  2. Choose All to convert all features, or choose Selected to convert the selected features.
  3. Select which layer you are converting the features from in the layer drop-down list.
  4. Choose whether you want to Only draw the converted graphics or Draw the converted graphics and draw the features after the conversion.
  5. Set the target where you want to store the graphics.
  6. The default target saves the graphics to your map document.

  7. Click OK.
The features remain selected after you convert them to graphics. For example, if you select a set of features in a layer and convert these features to graphics, the features will remain selected after the graphics have been created. This makes it easier to complete workflows where you want to retain the selected set of features, such as switching the selected and unselected features and converting those features to graphics. You can click the Clear Selected Features button Clear Selected Features on the Tools toolbar to deselect them.
If you choose the option to Only draw the graphics after converting but later want to draw the features again, open the Layer Properties dialog box, click the Display tab, then look under Feature Exclusion. The excluded features are shown in the list. Click a feature or features and click Restore Drawing to display them, or click Restore All to display all features.

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