What is dynamic text?

Dynamic text is text placed on a map layout that changes dynamically based on the current properties of the map document, data frame, and Data Driven Page. Create dynamic text for such things as:

When you insert a piece of dynamic text, it automatically displays the current value of its respective property. When that property is updated, the dynamic text will automatically update. Dynamic text works through the use of tags, like HTML. This allows you to combine both dynamic and static text in a single text element and apply the available formatting options to customize the resulting text display.


Dynamic text is only supported for graphic text on the layout. If you attempt to add dynamic text tags to map annotation or geodatabase annotation, the raw dynamic text tag will be rendered. If you copy a graphic text into map annotation or geodatabase annotation, the tag will be deleted and the realized value, such as May 2, 2010, will be used for the annotation text. The commands for inserting dynamic text, such as Insert > Dynamic Text > Current Date, are not available when working in data view.

There are seven types of dynamic text:

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