Changing the appearance of labels by choosing a label style

  1. Click the Label Manager button Label Manager on the Labeling toolbar.
  2. Click a label class in the Label Classes list.
  3. Click the Symbol button.
  4. Click a standard label style from the left pane of the Symbol Selector dialog box.
  5. Optionally, modify the properties of a label style and click Save to save your current settings as a new label style in your personal style folder.

  6. Click OK on the Symbol Selector dialog box.
  7. Click OK on the Label Manager dialog box.
A label style consists of both a text symbol and a set of label placement properties. When you choose a label style, its text symbol replaces the current label symbol, and its placement properties replace the current label placement properties.
You can label road line features with text inside a highway shield by choosing one of the standard highway shield label styles provided.

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