The Labeling Summary dialog box

The Labeling Summary dialog box presents a general overview of the labeling classes in the data frame for quality assurance and performance checks. The summary report lists all the layers in the data frame and all the label classes with their properties in each of these layers. Each layer will have a minimum of one label class whether it is currently being labeled or not. Layers that can't be labeled, such as layers referencing raster data, are not listed. To access the Labeling Summary dialog box, click the Summary button on the Label Manager.

Information reported

The labeling report contains a listing for each layer that provides an overview of the main properties for your label class. Information presented in red text should be checked as it is reporting either an error that is preventing labels from being displayed or an issue that will cause decreased performance in your map labeling. The following items are checked for the report and may be listed for each layer.

  1. Click the Label Manager button Label Manager on the Labeling toolbar.
  2. Click the Summary button.
For details about the information presented on the Labeling Summary dialog box, click the Help button.

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