Adding text at a point

  1. Specify the active annotation target on the Draw toolbar.
  2. Click the New Text tool New Text on the Draw toolbar.
  3. Click the map display where you want the text and type the text string.
  4. The text will be horizontal.

  5. Click Enter.
When in data view, text added to the data frame is added to the <Default> annotation group by default. You can change this by setting the Active Annotation Target (available on the Drawing menu) before you add your text.
When in layout view, ArcMap will, by default, add new text to the layout.

Learn more about adding text to the layout

You can set the default symbol properties for new text by clicking Drawing on the Draw toolbar and clicking Default Symbol Properties.
The Select Elements tool Select Elements becomes active, by default, after you add new text. To have the New TextNew Text tool stay active so you can add more text, you need to change a setting using the ArcMap Advanced Settings utility. Find this in your ArcGIS installation directory in the Utilities folder.

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